We offer the following services


Home Project Studio offers complete interior design for your home or business. Our packages include services from architectural photography to author's supervision during the project's execution, as well as furniture design. Click here for more information.


We offer assembly for your furniture regardless of their type. You will receive exact information about pricing and conditions in our showroom, on tel: 0887569608 or at info@homeproject.bg


The company also offers free delivery for the purchased furniture within Varna city district (to first entrance). Other locations for delivery outside city limits are subject to aditional negotiation.


Our representative will attend at the delivery to monitor the quality of the service, to ensure the receipt of your furniture in their optimal commercial form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm not from Varna, can I order an item?

HP: For us, your location is not a problem. If you would like to purchase a product from our catalog, contact us to specify the order and delivery.

How long will I wait for my order?

HP: We work with several reputable furniture factories that manifacture products with different shelf life. In a large percentage, our products are subject to manual processing before completion, which extends the production time. The term provided to our customers is 60 working days, but in most cases your order will be ready earlier. Our representative will notify you of your order and will schedule delivery to your address at a convenient time.

Is the quality and origin of the materials present in the products guaranteed?

HP: Our catalog is a selection of products with European certificates of quality and origin. We do not offer items of unclear or questionable origin and potentially hazardous materials.

Does the furniture have a warranty?

HP: We provide a standard European 2-year warranty for proper operation, installation and care of the furniture.

Can I order an item with a custom size and with additional mechanisms?

HP: The furniture we offer is mass-produced and finished with manual processing, which limits the options for changing the size or function of the item. Some models allow a choice of adding mechanisms and are produced in several sizes. If you have questions about the capabilities of a particular product, do not hesitate to contact our team.

I am interested in interior design of my room, how much will it cost me and what are the conditions?

HP: We have a variety of interior design packages that you can view here . The price of the project is determined according to your chosen package, area and features of the room. Before we prepare an offer, we will contact you for a meeting or a detailed conversation.

I'm not from Varna, can I use the service interior design from Home Project?

HP: Your location is not a problem for us. We have worked on sites outside the city of Varna and will continue to do so!

Do I have to buy furniture from Home Project, if I use your interior design services?

HP: You do not have to purchase a product from us to take advantage of our design services . In the project we can include any products - furniture to be made according to Your size or ready-made items from other company stores. As a compliment to our clients, for whom we make projects, we offer preferential prices for the furniture from our catalog, which you can take advantage of at your request.

I am an interior designer / architect, can I work with Home Project items?

HP: All our colleagues who are interested in our furniture selection are welcome! We are a friendly team and will be happy to present the products to you or your customers in detail. Our product catalog is available to everyone. Contact us if you need more information, or visit our showroom to see part of our collection live.

Why combine a design studio with a shop for furniture in one?

HP: Because we believe the line of furniture we offer has no analogue on the Bulgarian market and we want to share it with our customers and colleagues - current European vision and quality at reasonable prices.